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The current year software can be downloaded for free and you can also file your corporate return for free if you have a Net Loss for tax purposes T2 General page 3, line You only need to purchase a single license if you have a profit or net income of zero for income tax purposes. TaxTron Corporate Single license will allow you to file one corporate return per year with a net income greater or equal to zero T2 General page 3, line Free to file for companies showing a loss on line of their T2 returns, and significantly cheaper than other T2 products on the market.

TaxTron T2 allows you to dive straight into the tax forms, showing you the calculations every step of the way, ensuring you get accurate and quick results.

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Tired of recording your financial statements by hand? TaxTron can import GIFI files from many accounting programs and insert the data directly into your statements - saving you time and reducing the chance of omissions and mistakes. I have used TurboTax since before the web on various Windows and Mac editions. Last year, however, I became so frustrated I decided to make a switch this year. I use SEE Finance to manage my finances. Dec 30, 9: I have a similar question but would like to know if there is tax prep software for professional tax preparers.

This solution has worked well but I'd like native Mac app that I can use so I can totally ditch the Windows boot up everytime I want to use the tax software. Jun 6, I believe that the best software for doing business taxes on a Mac would be Intuit Tax Online. This is a new web based platform, but if you are serious about doing your own tax return for an LLC, I would say it's about the only option.

They will do pay per return. I don't believe that you have to have a PTIN to make that work, but it's possible.

TaxTron Tax Software for Individual Corporations

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of intuit at all and I use Drake software for tax returns because it's lots better and we don't have to give them half of the practice , but if you are insistent on business tax on a Mac, Intuit tax online is about the only option. I've never seen a tax return done in TurboTax or anything else self prepared without something wrong. Feb 25, 4: Found this while surfing. I'd love to walk away from Intuit. I hate them almost as much as I hate Adobe.

Turbo Tax started out as a Mac thing. And so did the corporate tax package back in 94 time frame as well as Quicken and Quick Books. But over the years they have tortured all of their Mac products to the point that they are unusable, buggy, and just not trust worth. AND, very often they have stopped supporting the Mac which is where the software originally came from.

Survivor's guide to taxes: The best tax software for Macs

Apr 21, 5: Did you try the online version? I'm not a big fan of cloud tax software call me old fashion but I do want to have the capability of doing my business tax myself. If you did used the cloud version how was that experience. Thanks in advance. Apr 21, 6: TaxSlayer promises to maximize your return and has a simple pricing model depending on your needs. It also has a special version for military personnel tax returns. If you want a quick and easy way to file taxes on your Mac, TaxSlayer is about as cheap and easy as it gets. You can start filing for free with TaxSlayer straight away and to ensure the security of your logins, it will verify your account via SMS to your mobile.

It does not have a Mac app but it offers a very competitive online service that Mac users can use. However, be aware that most online tax filing services such as TaxAct are very aggressive on the upsell encouraging you to upgrade from the free version and even lock-in prices for next years tax returns.

On Windows this is also available as a desktop app but Mac users can only use the online version. However the reality is that using it is another thing altogether. The number of financial institutions you can import from is also very limited, with even major banks such as Morgan Stanley not supported.

The result is an easy to use and affordable tax filing platform that provides a refreshing alternative to the big two of TurboTax and HR Block. OnePriceTaxes takes around 30 minutes to file all your taxes. You can complete simple or complex returns and include your state return too.

Best Tax Software for Business

OnePriceTaxes is refreshing because there are no confusing add-ons or hidden fees for specific types of taxes. It allows you to see what your tax refund will be before choosing whether you want to file Federal and State taxes online.

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After signing-up for a free account, you can start entering your personal information and tax data. The three most important aspects to any tax software is that it does things accurately, simply and maximizes your return by the tax filing deadline of April 18th.

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The sort of information most people will need to enter into tax software are typically:. Important documents and information to make sure you have include:. Aside from being prepared with the right documentation however, there are also a few other essential things to consider before deciding whether you should use tax software on your Mac.

Most tax software is available in different versions depending on the type you need. These range from free software for Federal tax returns to more expensive small business tax software for Mac. One of the obvious advantages of tax software is that you can file taxes electronically but some states or regions do not accept e-filing of taxes or returns completed on certain tax software. You should always check with either the software vendor or Department Of Revenue in your state whether the software you are purchasing supports electronic filing to avoid nasty surprises at the end of the process.

Other states such as Florida, Nevada, Washington, Texas and several more have had at some stage or continue to have, a policy against e-filing.

Along with deduction maximization and general support, this is one of the major differences between paid tax software and free or online tax software. TurboTax also offers an accuracy guarantee that in case of any inaccuracies, it will pay any of your IRS penalties.

If things go wrong when filing your taxes, it can be extremely stressful.

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  • Unfortunately there is no desktop software that supports small business and S-Corp tax filing on Mac. No tax software can replace a professional tax adviser or accountant for complex returns. It can be extremely stressful if you run into problems or uncertainty with tax software and for the time and stress it takes to sort out, you may even find a professional tax consultant works out cheaper and considerably less stressful in the long run.

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    We can recommend The Tax Team as a good starting point if you need professional advice on your tax affairs. We prefer desktop tax filing software to online solutions because a single desktop purchase allows you to file multiple returns whereas online, you have to pay per tax return you file. Depending on your financial situation and region, you may also be able to get free state tax preparation assistance as well.

    If you have any questions, problems or suggestions regarding the software featured here, let us know in the comments below.