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Your ATI is not approved. Ben Kenobi? Hey I had this problem and here's what I discovered: When I imported the xml some clips came up offline or jumbled in the timeline. Davinci was crashing evert time I put the playhead over them. I went back into Premiere Pro and found in my edit I had used files that came from the red that appear to be doubles of some of the takes only difference was the smaller file size.

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R3D" in the same folder. R3D" ones and this solved the Resolve issues. I think Premiere Pro can handle it but Resolve maybe can't or skips them thinking they are doubles then pulls other clips at random because I got heeeeeeaaaps of weird shit where it wasn't supposed to be in my edit. Dunno if this helps you but may hel someone else shooting on Epic..

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You see I've been using resolve for some time, but suddenly it began to crash when i browsed for footage, just when i clicked the volume. I don't know what might have happened. Im quite desperate i really need to deliver color gradings soon. Here are my equipment specs. I have the newest CUDA software installed properly.

Resolve Lite crashes every time by Christian Simpson on Jan 22, at 5: Resolve Lite crashes every time by Peter Chamberlain on Jan 24, at 2: Resolve Lite crashes every time by Christian Simpson on Jan 24, at 2: No word from you guys since Dwaines response, and it was a month ago already.

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If you could at least let us know if it's still in your devs pipeline of problems to Resolve and is there any due date on this ticket, that would have been nice - I really don't want to re-encode all of my files, or switch to a different software. Regards, Adam.

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I really don't want to re-encode all of my files, or switch to a different software Last edited by Craig Marshall on Tue Aug 29, 7: Glenn Venghaus Posts: Wed Jan 01, 9: Amsterdam , The Netherlands. As your problem seems to be relaed to how the video is layed out in its container, Instead of transcoding, did you try rewrapping the video using a tool like editready. I had lots of succes with it rewrapping sony consumer camera stuff before resolve started to support all these formats properly.

Resolve Lite crashes every time

May be worth a try. Rewrapping maintains the original video and audio optionaly it transcodes problematic audio codecs but rewraps it super fast into a different eg. There are other tools that can do similar with varying results. AdamSaletnik wrote: Glenn Venghaus wrote: Andrew Kolakowski Posts: Tue Sep 11, Issue will be down to the fact that Resolve doesn't support 64bit only legacy 32bit chunk offset atoms in MP4. It's not that difficult to implement, so maybe it will happen at some point. Last edited by Andrew Kolakowski on Tue Aug 29, 9: I also Googled around the uncompessed formats Craig mentioned, but are they really that much better for amateur like me, wanting to just edit some holiday clips from time to time?

Yesterday I found re-wrapping worked Now I get to delve into the depths of Resolve I'm fairly proficient with full Photoshop, manipulating RAW files, etc. Maybe she won't notice Thanks again to all, --Alan.

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The issue has been logged by the dev team. Last edited by Andrew Kolakowski on Tue Aug 29, You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Craig Marshall wrote: Yes, the trade-off is disk space which is cheap and No they are 'visually lossless' codecs, not true 'uncompressed' files.

Re-wrapping your files is a good interim alternative but for editing quick, cut-n-shut holiday clips I do wonder whether Resolve is the most appropriate tool for your application. However, learning both Resolve and Fusion will not go amiss. Just a friendly warning: Resolve's appeal and performance as a Color Corrector is based around an accurate video signal to a calibrated monitor without which, you're relying on a potentially inaccurate computer graphics signal path. But this is really annoying me as davinci 9 worked fine.. Any solve for this?

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Hi guys, I have the same problem! Is it possible that the DNG Converter writes files, which messes up resolve? Any hints what to do or how to figure out the problem?

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I've had some problems with this too but it turned out it was only with a few files. Just try to import one clip at a time, if it crashes with all the files i have no idea but if it only happens with a few files try to reconvert them. You don't need eyes to see, you need vision. I used the mlvConverter: I tried with resolve 9 as well. My PC is win7 and 4 years old, so I tried another PC with win8 and new hardware with resolve 10 lite. Crashed as soon as I want to open a DNG sequence. Just checked, it crashes with one single DNG File I don't understand that.

Duplicated post http: You haven't stated which OS you use. I'm going to assume you're on a mac with an older AMD card. Under some circumstances I've encountered similar problems summarized as following: It happens when writing to slower cards with too high resolutions. Something under these conditions doesn't work with Davinci.