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Apple Mac Pro A1481 Desktop - ME253LL/A (October, 2013)

Quality products at great prices. Refurbished Mac Pro. Power cord. Stunning new design. Tech Specs. Processor 3. Four USB 3 ports up to 5 Gbps. Six Thunderbolt 2 ports up to 20 Gbps. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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One HDMI 1. Headphone minijack with headset support.

The then-new systems emphasized multi-GPU configurations and offered a large number of Thunderbolt ports, but the diminutive form factor limited users to a single CPU socket and very little internal storage. While the new design and capabilities worked for some professional users, it failed to address the needs of others. If you know your workloads are entirely GPU-limited, it might be worth investing in a tower Mac Pro with a pair of modern graphics cards.

Apple Certified Refurbished Products

Even if we assume that Haswell and Skylake added just five percent on average on top of that, a modern Xeon CPU would still be 1. It also ignores the fact that modern CPUs offer substantially more cores.

A core Mac Pro is still respectable, but a modern dual-socket workstation system could contain as many as 56 CPU cores in a top-end configuration. I took our old Final Cut Pro I ran our new 4K benchmark on Final Cut Pro Offline 3D rendering applications typically have the easiest time of chewing up tons of cores, while many others are likely better suited by having fewer cores running at a higher frequency. There's also a serious multitasking benefit if you're the type of person that runs multiple thread heavy workloads in parallel. It's pretty nice having a fairly responsive system while rendering a beefy 4K project in Final Cut Pro.

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The responsiveness comes courtesy of having a ton of cores in addition to extremely fast IO. If you want the best balance of heavily threaded performance without sacrificing performance in lighter workloads, the 8-core configuration seems to be the best bet.

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Professional Apps Mac Pro vs. For kicks I looked at the CPU load for a handful of my benchmarks: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Happy New Year's! Privacy Policy.

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