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XnConvert is Multilingual , it includes more than 20 different translations.

Top 10 Batch Image Converter Software for Mac – BatchPhoto

Unrivaled Compatibility XnConvert is compatible with more than formats and Export to about 70 different file formats. If you enjoy using XnConvert, Feel free to help the developer with a small donation. Windows Installer for Windows: Visit the forum The XnConvert forum is probably the best place to start interacting with other users and the developer. Contact us Send an email directly to the program developer.


Or, double-click the Change Type of Images action, if you prefer. This will make a backup copy of your files. If you've already made a backup copy of your files to another folder, this shouldn't be necessary, but you can add this copy task if you prefer.

PSD a JPG (Mac)

Now, in the last step of this process, just press the Run button in the upper-right corner of the Mac Automator window, and the Automator will begin converting your images from their original image file format to the new image file format you requested. As the Automator does its work, you'll see output in the Automator "Log" panel in the bottom-right of this window:.

Process a batch of files

Assuming your Finder window is still open, you'll also see your image files being converted from their old image format to their new image format, from JPG to PNG in my example. I hope this Mac batch image conversion article has been helpful. That's all you have to do to batch convert image files from one image file format to another i. At this point you can just close the Mac Automator, and just press the "Don't Save" button when the Automator asks if you want to save this workflow for future use. There's a glitch in Automator or Preview that won't allow this to work when BMPs are the input format.

Thanks to Picasa's scanning feature on Windows lack of ability to save in anything other than BMP, this is a problem I've had to find another solution for.

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You're right Craig. I've a few hundred pictures to convert, did you find another reasonable solution for it? For one image at a time it does work with Preview. Just double-click the BMP, which should open it in Preview. I know that doesn't help when you have hundreds of files to convert, but I thought I'd mention it. By Alvin Alexander.

Last updated: You can also protect or brand your pictures by applying text or logo watermarks.

How to Batch Convert Images with Preview

Contenta RAW Converter gives you the opportunity to save your current configuration for later use. You can also enhance your pictures by wrapping various frames and borders around them. PhotoConvert 4 is an interesting Mac utility designed to ensure a simple and fast image conversion between multiple formats, including RAW ones. The process of converting images in bulk is pretty simple: With PhotoConvert 4 you can perform other useful operations, such as renaming, resizing or time stamping pictures.

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The app has also the ability to improve the overall aspect of your images, by automatically adjusting the color level, white balance, highlights, shadows and more. Graphic Converter by AppleMacSoft provides support for more than 50 graphic formats.

The app is designed to be quite easy to use and to carry out the image conversion process in three simple steps.