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Chrome has one of the most robust extensions gallery that can considerably enhance and improve the usefulness of your web browser. Top it off with the plethora of Chrome apps available, and you have a pretty solid deal at your hands. The additional ability to sign into Chrome with your one Google account across various platforms makes using Chrome a breeze.

The bottom line for Chrome is, use it. Give it a try and make a decision yourself.

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Blink License: BSD Chromium executable. Google Chrome 4. Maxthon Maxthon is all about cloud browsing. You can sign up for a Maxthon account and take all your browsing with you, from open tabs to bookmarks and passwords. The thing that truly sets Maxthon apart is its cloud service, which allows you to push text, images, URLs and tabs from one device to the other with ease. Likewise, the cloud sharing makes it possible to share all of this with friends as well.

Gestures allow you to quickly perform actions like refresh, previous tab, next tab etc, using mouse or trackpad. Alongside a good amount of extensions available though nothing comparable with Chrome , you also get built-in Flash support, which makes it a viable choice particularly for OS X where the native Safari simply abandons the protocol. Maxthon for OS X is available on the Mac App Store, and is the only browser on our list that can be obtained this way. A classic version is available via the official website as well, should App Store not work for you for some reason.

10 Best Browsers For Mac In 2018

Blink, Trident License: Opera Opera made a name for itself back in the day owing to blazing fast browsing experience and quick tabs, but that became a thing of history since other browsers caught up fairly well. Pages load fast, the interface is minimalist, it has extension support albeit the number of extensions is fairly limited , and the browser itself is secure. If you use Opera on your cell phone or tablet as well, you would favor this on your Mac as it offers syncing everything from tabs to bookmarks and passwords.

The regular tally is all there as well: One standout feature for Opera is a built-in RSS reader of sorts, which allows you to keep abreast with latest happenings in topics of your interest.

2. Firefox

Proprietary Download link: Opera Official. But it is not a bad idea to keep an alternative in case the native application crashes. One of the most popular browsers, widely used on Windows, Google Chrome is a good option for a browser. It is fast, secure and free, and it runs on multiple platforms. Get It Here. Must Read: An older name, Opera is one of the best browsers for Mac in as it is fast and smooth.

Things You Need to Know about Web Browsers

It is famous to access faster speed with low-speed connection based on the server size compression technique. Like Firefox, Chrome now also supports password-free logins via WebAuthn — either to replace traditional passwords completely, or work as a form of two-factor authentication. The browser also offers more features for web app developers, including more consistent experiences across different VR headsets, and the ability to use input from sensors such as your device's ambient light sensor and accelerometer.

It launches fast, the UI is brilliantly clean, and it does everything its rivals can do with a couple of extras thrown in for good measure. The key reason we'd at least recommend having Opera installed alongside your main browser is its Opera Turbo feature.

Fastest Internet Browser For Mac 2018

This compresses your web traffic, routing it through Opera's servers, which makes a huge difference to browsing speed if you're stuck on rural dial-up or your broadband connection is having a moment. It reduces the amount of data transferred too, handy if you're using a mobile connection, and this re-routing also dodges any content restrictions your ISP might place on your browsing, which can be mighty handy.

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Opera automatically ducks out of the way if you're using secure sites like banks so your traffic is free and clear of any potential privacy violation. There's also an integrated ad-blocker — which can be switched off if you're morally inclined in that direction — and a battery-saving mode which promises to keep your laptop going for longer.

The default 'browsing experience' on Windows 10, and unavailable for older operating systems, Edge is an odd one. Quite why Microsoft needs to be running a pair of browser products in tandem rather than making Edge backwards compatible is beyond us. The company's reason, it seems, is that Edge represents the more user-friendly end of Redmond's offering while Internet Explorer scales a little better for enterprise. Integration with Windows 10's core gimmicks seems to be Edge's main strong point. It happily runs as a modern-skinned app on Windows 10's tablet mode, and works with Cortana.

It's also highly streamlined for the current web age, doing away with insecure protocols like ActiveX and forcing you into Internet Explorer if you want to use them. We're more used to browsers failing to render newer pages than we are to being told off for visiting older corners of the web. Curmudgeonly grumbles aside, actually using Edge is a perfectly pleasant experience. It's super-quick, hammers through benchmarks, its integrated reading mode makes complex sites more palatable, and by sandboxing it away from the rest of the operating system Microsoft has ensured that Edge won't suffer the security breaches of its older brother.

It's just a shame that Microsoft is quite so insistent on forcing Edge upon Windows 10 users, making it the default browser for links opened in the Mail app, adding shortcuts to your desktop after major OS updates, and presenting it as a potential result if you start typing 'Firefox' in the Cortana search box.

5 best web browsers for Mac - DGiT

Microsoft Internet Explorer has seen some ups and downs in its long tenure, from dominating the browser charts to languishing behind its main two competitors. This is partly an issue of choice — particularly the browser choice that Microsoft was forced to give customers after a court ruling — and partially because older versions fell behind the rendering and compatibility curve.

There are no such issues with Internet Explorer Plus it one-ups both of them on WebKit's Sunspider benchmark.