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The newer and later base stations can be configured to create two separate, yet connected wireless networks: This means you can offer the same wired network over the 2 wireless bands at the same time, to optimise clients wireless connection. You can also create a hidden network so that the wireless name is not advertised to clients browsing Wi-Fi networks, and enhance the performance of the wireless connection by modifying the Radio mode depending on the devices that are using your base station. Changing the channel can help improve the reliability of your wireless network, if there are other wireless networks in the same area as yours.

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Finally, the network tab will allow you to configure what the wireless network offers. Bridge mode will allow the base station just to relay the wired network that is coming in through your Wan Ethernet port.

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But you can allow your base station to configure DHCP to the wireless network, instead of relying on the wired network to do this. This can be fine tuned to specifying the times that they can connect. You can choose to authenticate with the base station password, a separate password for the hard disk or create user names and passwords and specify permission access to the disk.

To access this shared drive from a mac is just like accessing any network share. Once you have entered the password for the shared disk it will mount on your computer. Wireless printing is as simple as connecting a USB printer to the USB port on your Airport Extreme, and then using the Mac- and PC-compatible Bonjour networking technology, to browse for the printer just like any other network printer!

You can conveniently view the status of your Internet connection, or add base stations to create a larger network.

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  5. I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and If you would like to book a place on any of our courses , then please do check out our website. You can also email training amsys. Thanks again for watching, and I hope to see you on a course soon! How to Use Apple Airport Utility 6. Airport Utility 6 Introduction: Airport Utility 6 Overview: We will then see how to configure the Base station to receive network and internet details.

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    You can lock down individual Macs this way on such a network, but you would still be at risk for your other hardware, including iPhones and iPads. Or you might switch to another ISP that engages in less-dangerous network pooling. Read online reviews to find another one in your area that has a better set of policies.

    How to Setup An Airport Extreme

    Email yours to mac macworld. Problems with an Apple AirPort? It could be a hardware failure. I am having this exact problem, but none of my airports have anything in the Back to My Mac field. So this is not the fix I need.

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    I have several Airport Extremes 7. This started in November Any thoughts.

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    The screen shots are exactly like yours in the linked article from Thank you so much! This worked on my time capsule running 7. And then entering the router's IP address and password. Hit update, router re-started and instantly the Airport Utility could recognize the router right from the user interface.

    macOS: Show All of the Passwords for an AirPort Base Station

    I had that "device not found" error in my AirPort Time Capsule. But just powering it off and on seemed to fix the problem for me. I didn't have any entries in the Back to My Mac section.