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Norin Oct 3 '09 at What does step 1 do? It allows applescript to simulate mouse and keyboard input and a bunch of other things. Norin Jul 28 '11 at 9: If the script hangs until it times out at the "update without registering applications" line, then step 1 hasn't been done or has become undone. I just found this out the hard way. The link to your bash script is broken. Can you put it in a gist on github.

Could it be this one: I don't really consider DMGs the best way to distribute Mac software any more. So it survives on contributions of others — hopefully someone will figure out the icons issue too.

Create a blank disk image for storage

Zmey Well as a user, I prefer zip files by far. See also this old article by John Gruber. Zmey Also see this article with a screenshot of the UI involved. Here's how I'm doing it for a long time, very successfully: Unmount the DMG again, all settings should be stored by now. Write a create DMG script, that works as follows: It copies the DMG, so the original one is never touched again.

Packaging a Mac OS X Application Using a DMG

It mounts the copy. It replaces all files with the most up to date ones e.

Convert Mac OS X Install DVD to .dmg

You can simply use mv or ditto for that on command line. Note, when you replace a file like that, the icon will stay the same, the position will stay the same, everything but the file or directory content stays the same at least with ditto, which we usually use for that task. You can of course also replace the background image with another one just make sure it has the same dimensions. After replacing the files, make the script unmount the DMG copy again. Finally call hdiutil to convert the writable, to a compressed and such not writable DMG.

Mecki Mecki I've already discarded the idea of doing it this way, for several reasons. Here are two of them: Norin Sep 19 '08 at This is the same scenario as we have. We have more than a dozen of products; each has an entirely different DMG. Creating one template DMG per product is one time only task and takes you a couple of minutes. And what do you mean by "installer"? It's not the same scenario.

How To Create DMG Files In Mac OS X

We add products often, with short notice. The minimal manual routine means running a script giving the product a name and a few other attributes. There are reasons beyond this as well that made us make the decision not to use that kind of solution. We have separated the pack process from the build process, because it is done by different people at different times.

You are probably refering to hdiutil, not hdutil.

Bringing this question up to date by providing this answer. Take a look at the readme at the official website: Install appdmg npm install -g appdmg Write a json file spec. I'm the creator of appdmg. If the. Joey, could you open an issue on the Github repository if it doesn't work for you? It is not required to be in the same folder, I have background, app all in different path, just pass relative paths as.. Ludvig A. Norin Ludvig A. Norin 3, 7 24 That's fine, but it doesn't address the actual need background image, positioning of items in the folder, etc.

Michael Tsai. That looks very interesting. My team has this working beautifully and automatically on a Jenkins CI build server, complete with background, drag to Applications alias. Run, don't walk, to DropDMG for making disk images. Good App, I'm going to purchase it after my trial expires. Falken Nov 17 '14 at Looks nice, but it does not seem to have option to resize the window. Note that this is not a free program, so it's not suitable for many environments. This one is free: Ltd Apr 7 '13 at 9: Can you explain what does the "your path" mean here?

Can I use any icons file on the disk, and SetFile would copy it, or would I need to use a file that is inside. I only have one Mac, so it's hard to test if stuff will work on other machines. You should copy icns file. Once you have. But first add a background image to the dmg by naming it something like. Script 1 Create Temp Disk Image: It is creating blank disk image on my project. Any suggestion. Shell script part works only, but how can I add Apple script with Shell Script in RunScript under Build Phase it is showing error ,every apple script statement is symbol not found.

For creating a nice looking DMG, you can now just use some well written open sources: The link to dmgbuild does not work. Might be they moved it. You can use create-dmg and node-appdmg. I'm using create-dmg. But dmg files can also contain a directory of files. So we know that dmg files are disk image files that are useful for delivering software or any type of files to other Macs.

Gather the files you want to be included in your disk image and find out the total size of all the files.

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The image will then be created. The image will now be compressed.

Create a disk image from a disk or connected device

If you want to create fancy dmg files a good free tool to use is iDMG. It will let you create dmg files with background images and folder shortcuts, a tactic used by most good software developers. And here is a useful tutorial for iDMG. Home Mac. Latest Articles. Looking for Games like Skyrim?